About Us

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Success Story

Our company was initially established in 2003 as PlusServer Bulgarien, offering software development, remote system administration and call center services for European clients. The fast growth and the fortified market position worldwide made us upgrade our portfolio focusing on hosting services and tailor-made client solutions, by building trustworthy long-lasting relationships with our customers. Nowadays we operate under Keagan.eu as a reseller of the most reputable server brands and assist our clients in multiple countries of Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia, bringing the expertise, the best offer and quality of service.

Our Mission – we boost your business


Based on individual assessment of our customers’ needs we deliver the most suitable and cost effective service setup to ensure the highest performance and to optimize resources.


Core Values


Build Sustainability

Create Confidence

Bring Success

Our Advantages

Cutting-Edge Hardware

Branded products HPE & Dell, Server processors Intel & AMD, Memory Samsung, High performance SSD technology Intel.

Tier 3 Data Centers

Servers situated in Tier 3 Data Centers Europe & USA - High-Speed Network, Secured Connectivity, Diversity of Software

Optimized Customer Plans

Customizable products via individual configuration of server components. First class features, options for upgrade and increased performance.

Exceptional Value vs. Competitive Price

Solutions creating consumer value by delivering tailored services at the best pricing offers.

Customer Focus

Building confidence through individual approach and empathy, creating sustainable and long-term relationship by reliable and easy communication.

Our Team

Ivan Tanev
Chief Executive Officer

Founder Keagan EU * International Buiness * Project Management * Business Development

Natalia Taneva
Sales & Customer Support

Sales Administration * Billing & Finance * Customer Service * First Point of Contact

Marieta Bratvanova
Sales & Customer Support

Sales Administration * Marketing * Customer Service * First Point of Contact

Sales & Customer Support

Sales Administration * Marketing * Customer Service * First Point of Contact

Our Partners