Your server from Keagan.eu is hosted either in our European Data Centers in Strasbourg and Düsseldorf, or in our state-of-the art DataPort data center in St. Louis, MO in the United States. You are free to choose the location for each server. We guarantee the highest level of availability, efficiency and security of our Data Centers.


Service Availability

Minimum 99,9% availability through full redundancy of all critical installations, based on ring topology. Reliable and fast link in all directions.

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Center Location

Strategic locations in the heart of USA & Europe, offering ideal connection to all main carriers and to the prime arteries of the US backbone.

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Maximum Security

24/7 access control system, cameras, fingerprint scanners, smoke detectors for ultimate protection from outside influences.

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Go Green

Europe's greenest datacenter in Strasbourg with innovative Eco-friendly equipment - cooling system, delivering impressive levels of energy efficiency.

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